Odorless Herbal Decarb and Butter/ Oil Infusion Device

The Odorless Infuser is a Patent Pending* design available for investment, partnerships, purchase or licensing. The Ordorless Infuser solves one of the biggest problems for those making cannabis (THC) and hemp (CBD) oil/ butter infusions for edibles. The strong smell when making infused oils, combined with the "Social Stigma" around using them, prohibits many people from accessing the medicine that could help them the most. Learn more about the infuser below or get involved. You could HELP PEOPLE and MAKE MONEY with the Odorless Infuser!

How to use the Odorless Infuser

The user place ground herbs into the top chamber and screws the lid into place. Butter or oil is then placed into the bottom melting/ straining container. The device is activated with the top chamber heating the dry herbs to decarboxylate (activate the THC/ CBD) while it heats/ melts the oil in the bottom. After the herbs are activated and the butter/ oil melted the hot oil is pumped into the top chamber with the cannabis or hemp for the infusion process.

Once the infusion is complete the user can open the valve to allow the infused oil to pass through the built-in strainer in the bottleneck of the device into the oil container in the bottom. The butter or oil is now activated, infused and strained, ready for your edibles.

The Odorless Infuser Top Features

Discreet Infusions

The Odorless Infuser filters the smell from your THC/CBD butter/oil infusion as well as decarboxylates the herbs without releasing strong odors.

Infuse Only Mode

When you power on the Odorless Infuser the Decarb mode is active. Double-click the Decarb button to cut it off and infuse only. Good for a second run of infusing herbs.

Decarb Only Mode

Press and hold the Decarb button and the device enters decarb only mode. The lower heating element and oil pump function does not engage. Good for odorless decarb of herbs.


The Odorless Infuser is switchable between THC and CBD modes. The temperatures of the decarb and infusion cycles are adjusted to optimize the benefits of each.

Quick/ Deep Infusion

The Odorless Infuser has a quick mode (single infusion cycle) or a deep mode (double infusion cycle) so you can select your own timeframe.

Built-In Strainer

A built in mesh filter between the top and bottom chambers strains out the herbs from the oil/ butter so you can use the infusion right out of the device.

Dishwasher Safe

Both the top decarb/ infusion chamber and the lower oil/ butter container are removeable and dishwasher safe making clean-up of the Odorless Infuser a breeze.

Refillable Charcoal Filter

The active charcoal filter lid is refillable so you can reusue it over and over through the life of the device by emptying, washing and refilling with fresh charcoal pellets.

How The Lid Works

The Odorless Infuser uses active charcoal inside of it's specially designed lid to filter the smell of your infusions. Curious?

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